“RIDE TOGETHER” – Moss Side, Hulme and Whalley Range

“Ride Together” – Alexandra Park. Bringing people together through cycling.

“Ride Together” – Crowdfuning target £5,000


“Ride Together” aims to combat social isolation in areas surrounding Alexandra Park. We want to build 3 passenger trikes locally and take elderly and mobility impaired people on piloted bike rides in our local area and beyond.

We would like you to back our project. Your contribution will top up the £6,000 funding we received from Age Friendly – Hulme and Moss Side and help us build 3 instead of 2 passenger trikes as well as provide resources to successfully pilot the scheme. Scroll down for more information about the project and ways you can support it and getting involved. We’ve prepared some gifts for our supporters.

Project Aims

The project’s main aim is to tackle social isolation amongst elderly residents of Hulme, Moss Side and Whalley Range by bringing them to Alexandra Park for social rides on purpose built passenger trikes.

Inspired by Cycling Without Age from Copenhagen we thought it would be amazing if we could get such amazing trikes for our park and community. Unfortunately, they are really expensive to buy and we couldn’t help but think we could build some right here in Manchester.

To get the ball rolling we have successfully applied for funding from Age Friendly Hulme and Moss Side and received £6000. However, to comfortably complete the project and ensure that we can successfully pilot the scheme in Alexandra Park we’ll need a little help from you.

The project will consist in:

  • building a storage facility to store up to 4 tricycles
  • building and testing 3 passenger electric-assisted tricycles
  • recruiting potential volunteer riders
  • piloting the first season of sessions with local care home residents

Why not Cycling Without Age?

The usual cost to import a single passenger trike is in excess of £6,000-£6,500 which is a barrier for many communities who might wish to start a similar project in their local area. Cycling Without Age – Old Trafford have only managed to purchase one such trike at a cost of £7,000 delivered.

The project cost will cover building of the trikes but also building a gated storage facility in Alexandra Park depot, ensuring that the trikes are well maintained and add skills and tools that can be used for similar projects in the future. It’s investing in facilities in your local neighbourhood.


Coffee Cranks Co-op have built cargo trikes in the past and currently operate two coffee trikes in South Manchester area. We’re hoping that we can expand on our experience building cargo trikes and that building three special cargo trikes we’ll be able to add to our database of designs that can be used for future projects ensuring that sustainable transport means are more accessible to our local community.

Project Timeline

The delivery of project will start with making a detailed project plan and research. Then sourcing the materials and topping up an existing bicycle workshop in Platt Fields Park with other necessary tools. During the build of the trikes, marketing materials and volunteer organisation can start. After completing the build the trikes are going to be relocated and housed in Alexandra Park after which rider training can commence along with first organised rides. We estimate that we should be able to organise first rides around July/August 2021.

Cost and Sustainability

The total cost of the project is just over £9,500 pounds but with your help we’d like to increase our level of funding. Click the link below for detailed costings of the project. Our trikes

Coffee Cranks Co-operative has committed to support the project long term by way of administrative and maintenance support. Additionally, friendly organisations interested in promoting sustainable transport have expressed interest in supporting the project by way of helping with training and volunteer recruitment. (Alexandra Park Bike Hive, Platt Fields Bike Hub) .

Other ways to help

  • Please share our project and talk about it with your friends and colleagues
  • Buy a cup of coffee or two from our cafe in Alexandra Park
  • Bring friends to one of our film screenings
  • Hire our community room for your function, workshop, conference
  • Would you like to volunteer for the project? We’ll be looking for someone to take over the admin role initially but also cyclists once the trikes are built. If you’re interested in chatting about how you’d like to be involved please send us an email.

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Project Updates

  • midway point in creating a lock-up at the Alexandra Park Depot – we’ve used this year to source all the materials for the construction of the storage facility for our tricycles. We’re a few sessions away from completing our trike storage facility at the park depot and hopefully will be able to commence work at the depot in the new year to finish the construction. This depends on Manchester City Council allowing us to get back on site to commence with the works.
  • Covid-19 and project delay in 2020 – because of Covid-19 pandemic we had to postpone the project until next year but we are hoping that we’ll at least have the prototype tricycle ready for testing by the spring/summer 2021

We hope that you will help us bring more joy of cycling to people who need it most with Ride Together in Alexandra Park.