Coffee Cranks Community Centre

The last few weeks have been incredibly uncertain for us all. Concerns over our health and wellbeing and now jobs in hospitality are at risk, let alone the businesses themselves. After many MANY meetings and plans that can be changed just by a news update we have thought to turn this into a positive and do what we always set out to do at our Workers Coop, support our community. For the foreseeable future our team will be operating on a voluntary basis to get meals and the essentials out to our most at risk community and to those being safe and isolating themselves.

We are currently in the process of setting up an online shop which will provide meals on wheels (and collections if you are able to) and hamper boxes for the essentials of food and household items.

There will be charges for the meals, hampers and delivery, all the money will be put back into the cafe ready for us to run on full capacity when life gets back to normal. However if you are able and would like to make a donation to our coop to get us off the ground, all donations are welcome no matter how big or small.

We’re missing our regular cafe life but if we can provide a small amount of relief and support to those in need then we are here to do so!