Cafe Library

Hello and welcome to our library page.

We want to keep a collection of books, videos and audio materials that help us disseminate information about politics, philosophy, socialism, working class history and co-operativism. This does not limit our library to these topics only but we’d like to maintain this focus.

The books on display can be read in the cafe, however should you wish to borrow a book please join the library as a member following the instructions below and speak to a member of staff to check out the item.

This process will allow us to look after the collection and help more people reach the materials in store.

How to become our library Patron/Member:

Register for a new account here at Sign Up.
Receive verification email and verify the email address.
Log into using a new account.
Click on “Request Member Access” button at My Libraries section.
Enter full URL of the library and submit the request.

Please consider donating books to help us build a more comprehensive collection and notify of any issues with using the system as we are still learning how to use it.

Happy reading!