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chorlton craft market
Chorlton Craft Market



Dear friends and supporters


We have been developing Coffee Cranks Co-operative project since May last year. Our focus now however, is to ensure that our venture becomes a permanent element of our city’s landscape helping to promote and educate people about cooperative economy, low-carbon lifestyles, cycling as well as social resilience. Since the start of the project we also supported other community projects in our area helping them make their events more attractive. This is something we would like to continue. We can only achieve our social goals by making the business financially viable. In the case of our mobile project, location is key.


Following the guidance for street trading consent applications we chose two spots that we want to utilise on a daily basis (Mon-Fri). The pavement outside Edinburgh Bike Cooperative (those guys are really supportive of what we do) mornings and Dover Street/Oxford Rd. end – lunch and early afternoon. This will have to undergo a consultation with the existing businesses in the areas as well as the University itself, then a decision within Manchester City Council will be taken if and on what conditions we can trade there. We hoped that by adding your voice of support, endorsement and approval you could help us bring a truly ethical and more palatable option for coffee connoisseurs to the university area. We think that our presence will be in no direct competition with the independent local businesses as they do not rely on selling coffee alone but hoped that we could compete with the multinationals on Oxford Rd.


We hoped that you could help us by vouching for the social focus of our business and help the council look at approve our application. If you could send us a letter on behalf of your organisation, it would be even better. We’ll be waiting for your emails and letters until the 25th of November. If you know anyone who would like to leave their feedback (business, official, community organisation) please forward this email.


We would be grateful if you could spare some time and write a few words about us (some ideas):
– why do you think we would be a great addition to the city scape
– why do you think our mission statement needs to be brought to people’s attention especially students
– why do you think local entrepreneurship should be encouraged by the council
– why do you think we’re better than Costa or Starbucks 😉


Best regards,

Coffee Cranks Team

We met once again to watch some fun stuff about bicycles and chat to others about ways in which cycling could be improved in Manchester.



The films started just before 6 as more and more people started coming through the door. There was  a little introduction from the evening’s host and invitation to stay on after the films for a little chat. Promptly afterwards we kicked off the films with a little insight into cycling culture in the city of Copenhagen. Then a short film about Dutch junction design and some more funny bike themed films followed.

Taught by the experience of the last event we’ve included a little short for the younger among the audience. A lot of adults liked this particular film as well. I promised that I would post stuff about our cargo group as lots of people seemed to enjoy the little feature about bike moves.

Here’s the facebook link to the group get inviting, get involved: You gotta bike, so you gotta move… You gotta bike, you gotta do the bike move…

And for all those who couldn’t be there with us on Saturday.

Here are the films we watched.

Hope to see you next time around.











Londoners, want a mayor who cares about cycling? from on Vimeo.


People for Bikes from BLACK SWAN on Vimeo.




Human-powered-moveInspired by what other people do with their cargo bikes, we thought it was high time we get a little more organised and use our bicycles to haul a little more here in Manchester.

If you have a cargo bike, would like to have one, or would like to use a little more human-power next time you move house, please join our group.

We’re hoping that this group will become a quick and easy way of connecting people who have cargo bikes with those who need them, when they need them. We will be able to see what cargo cycle capacity there is in Manchester and who is available to help out. There are lots of cargo bikes in Manchester we think that this should be celebrated and that we should put them to work.

If you don’t have a cargo bike but still would like to lend a hand you’re more than welcome to do so. Panniers and positive attitude are all we need 😉

Imagine how many people we could move and what wonders such actions could do for cycling promotion in our city.


I should also add that this will also be lots of fun and opportunity to meet other like minded people.

That’s all from us. Here’s the link. Let’s get moving 🙂
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Coffee Cranks Film Night at Pop Up Bikes

Coffee Cranks Film Night at Pop Up Bikes


The event started very quietly  at 16.30 with only several people arriving on time. We really didn’t know what to expect and were afraid that not too many people would turn up. However, with each creak of the door letting in new arrivals our fears soon transformed into excitement. The cafe was happily filling up and faster than we had anticipated, to a point where there was no more room. Many people were sitting on the comfortable meditation cushions on the carpets laid out on the floor with  many more standing by the entrance.  Pop Up Bikes was soon full of the friendly bustle of people socializing. The evening’s host Zym (of Coffee Cranks Cooperative) announced the official start of the event and the films soon followed. There was a selection of films about cargo cycling, a film about a pedal-powered music festival, DIY bike art projects as well as some inspirational pieces. We all looked forward to the end of the event knowing that our film was closing the playlist. We anticipated the audience’s reactions as we hoped that this would win us new supporters by letting them know what we want to achieve. I don’t know whether we succeeded in doing so but we’are convinced that the films freed up deposits of positive energy and a spontaneous discussion followed the screening. Many people took the opportunity to voice their concerns and opinions about the position of the cycling community in Manchester.  The evening ended with a prize raffle, cake and coffee. In hindsight,it  was a big success. Not only was there a big turnout (some saying aroung 80 people) but it seemed that most shared our enjoyment of the great atmosphere at Pop Up Bikes that night. We learnt that we can do something together that it can feel great and make a difference, help people come together and do fun things while promoting cycling. Hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did and that like us you’re looking forward to future such events.

Many thanks for all of you that showed up and of course to our great hosts at Pop Up Bikes without whom this would not be possible.

There’s been many people asking me to post the playlist from the film night. So here goes.












I’m really curious what your thoughts are about the event. Which was your favourite film? Which one inspired you the most?

Please leave your comments below.



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Get in that Christmas spirit if you aren’t already 🙂…

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Thanks to Unicorn Grocery for having us today and all others for their interest and support. See you soon 🙂

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Our first ever vegan biscuits. Try them with our organic coffee and tea today from 11 till 2 at Unicorn in…

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