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Coffee Cranks Cafe is a unique and dynamic venue located in a stunning Alexandra Park, Whalley Range.

The side room in our Cafe is available to hire for birthdays, christenings, family gatherings, workshops and many other events for an affordable price.

Our room is a perfect function room for anyone looking for a beautiful venue to hire in South Manchester.

Our rates for the 6 X 5 metre room are £20 per hour during our opening hours (we’re open 10am-4:30pm) and £34 per hour after we are closed PLUS non-refundable £10 booking fee if you are hiring the space on a Saturday or Sunday.

If you are looking to rent the room for a community group for the area (Whalley Range, Hulme and Moss Side) we would like to hear about that, as we are able to discuss the price for this.

Please fill out the details below and one of our members of staff will answer any questions you have and look into getting your event booked with us.

You can check our hire room availability in our calendar below (room hire events in RED)

Booking Enquiry Form

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Please allow at least 3 days before the event for confirmation and processing.
Please use 24hr time format
Please use 24hr time format
e.g. Birthday party, private hire for business (i.e classes) or community group. If you require the room for a community group could you please explain a few more details about the group.
Answer Yes or No. Answering yes and maybe will prompt us to send you our catering menu and further discuss your specific requirements.
Use this space to tell us more about your event.

Additional Information

Upon confirmation of you booking you will be required to pay a deposit and a booking fee which we will send you via invoice. The deposit will be 1 hour of your booking time which will be taken off your final payment.

For example if you have booked the room from 2pm – 5pm for a total of 3 hours your deposit will be £20, and your final bill £40 (+10 weekend booking fee). Totalling in a payment of £60 (+10 weekend booking fee) for the 3 hours.

Please use your invoice number as a reference when paying your deposit and booking fee online.

If you have booked the room for one hour, we do ask that you pay the upfront deposit (and a booking fee) upon confirmation. However there will be no further payment for the room hire after this.

If you require catering there may also be a catering deposit however, this can be further discussed upon confirmation of the booking.

Cancellation policy: We have a 48 hour cancellation policy here at the café. If you cancel your booking within those 48 hours prior to the event your deposit will be non-refundable. However providing we are given enough notice we will be able to arrange a refund. Our cancellation policy applies to both room hire and catering deposits.

Thank you for enquiring with us and we look forward to hosting your event at Coffee Cranks Café!

If you have any further questions please contact Agnieszka Jaroszewicz
Coffee Cranks Cafe, Alexandra Park, Demesne Road, Manchester M16 8PJ / / tel. 01614590450

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