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Help Coffee Cranks do more good with a new espresso machine!








We are currently trying to get our 2nd cargo bike on the road and buy a new coffee machine, which in turn will help raise money towards other sustainable and community projects in Manchester. Help grow the local sustainable economy by supporting our campaign.

Project Background

Coffee Cranks is was set up in 2013 with a passion for social change and great coffee. We are a non-for-profit workers’ cooperative you might know from encounters at various events and local markets across the city. What you might not have known is that we’re working with the aim to use our coffee sales to fund interesting sustainable projects in our community. We are already lending our support to community projects based at the Old Boathouse in Platt Fields Park and have great plans to help make this an amazing hub for community engagement, recreation and sustainable enterprise. We worked hard last year building two more cargo bikes, now all we need is a 2nd espresso machine to complete our second coffee bike. With your help, we can continue and improve on our work promoting sustainable travel and co-operative business model. Can you help?

How will the new espresso machine help us grow?


We currently have a great pitch at Levenshulme Market every Saturday and we love the market so much that last year we have found ourselves turning down business because a lot of events clashed with the market. An additional coffee trike would mean that we could attend other events whilst remaining loyal to Levenshulme Market and our wonderful customers there. More importantly, our goal for this year is to secure a regular weekday trading pitch in the city centre and an additional bike would mean that we could provide coffee at events while maintaining trade on weekdays. This will give us a big boost in income and allow us to finally have enough surplus to develop and invest in other sustainable projects.


The new cargo bikes


Last year we finished work on building two more cargo bikes (tricycles to be more precise). They are now ready and we’re happy to announce that one of them will become our new coffee bike. We hope you’re as excited as we are to welcome one more cargo bike onto the streets of Manchester. 🙂


Other forms of funding and what if we raise more?


As you can expect we’ll be seeking to attract funding from other sources and are looking to exceed our fundraising goal. Should that happen the extra money will be invested in back into our project. Our priority is to equip the new bike with all the necessary accessories for trading but also upgrade the system with solar panels.


What if we don’t reach our funding goal?


Unlike crowdfunding services like Spacehive or Kickstarter our crowdfunding plugin allows us to keep all the funds whether we reach our funding goal or not. If you don’t like using paypal please consider making an offline donation and transfer the funds into our bank account directly. This way we receive the maximum amount. Thank you.


Is there any other way I can support the cause?


Yes you can!

Please consider further supporting us by spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter but please also sign up to our Thunderclap (you can find it in the sidebar on the right) to help us keep your friends engaged as the campaign progresses. And lastly the easiest way to support our work is to become our customer. Please look at our calendar for more information on where to find us. 


A more sustainable future for our city – one cargo bike at a time. Thank you for your custom and your support!



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