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chorlton craft market
Chorlton Craft Market



Dear friends and supporters


We have been developing Coffee Cranks Co-operative project since May last year. Our focus now however, is to ensure that our venture becomes a permanent element of our city’s landscape helping to promote and educate people about cooperative economy, low-carbon lifestyles, cycling as well as social resilience. Since the start of the project we also supported other community projects in our area helping them make their events more attractive. This is something we would like to continue. We can only achieve our social goals by making the business financially viable. In the case of our mobile project, location is key.


Following the guidance for street trading consent applications we chose two spots that we want to utilise on a daily basis (Mon-Fri). The pavement outside Edinburgh Bike Cooperative (those guys are really supportive of what we do) mornings and Dover Street/Oxford Rd. end – lunch and early afternoon. This will have to undergo a consultation with the existing businesses in the areas as well as the University itself, then a decision within Manchester City Council will be taken if and on what conditions we can trade there. We hoped that by adding your voice of support, endorsement and approval you could help us bring a truly ethical and more palatable option for coffee connoisseurs to the university area. We think that our presence will be in no direct competition with the independent local businesses as they do not rely on selling coffee alone but hoped that we could compete with the multinationals on Oxford Rd.


We hoped that you could help us by vouching for the social focus of our business and help the council look at approve our application. If you could send us a letter on behalf of your organisation, it would be even better. We’ll be waiting for your emails and letters until the 25th of November. If you know anyone who would like to leave their feedback (business, official, community organisation) please forward this email.


We would be grateful if you could spare some time and write a few words about us (some ideas):
– why do you think we would be a great addition to the city scape
– why do you think our mission statement needs to be brought to people’s attention especially students
– why do you think local entrepreneurship should be encouraged by the council
– why do you think we’re better than Costa or Starbucks 😉


Best regards,

Coffee Cranks Team