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Coffee Cranks Film Night at Pop Up Bikes

Coffee Cranks Film Night at Pop Up Bikes


The event started very quietly  at 16.30 with only several people arriving on time. We really didn’t know what to expect and were afraid that not too many people would turn up. However, with each creak of the door letting in new arrivals our fears soon transformed into excitement. The cafe was happily filling up and faster than we had anticipated, to a point where there was no more room. Many people were sitting on the comfortable meditation cushions on the carpets laid out on the floor with  many more standing by the entrance.  Pop Up Bikes was soon full of the friendly bustle of people socializing. The evening’s host Zym (of Coffee Cranks Cooperative) announced the official start of the event and the films soon followed. There was a selection of films about cargo cycling, a film about a pedal-powered music festival, DIY bike art projects as well as some inspirational pieces. We all looked forward to the end of the event knowing that our film was closing the playlist. We anticipated the audience’s reactions as we hoped that this would win us new supporters by letting them know what we want to achieve. I don’t know whether we succeeded in doing so but we’are convinced that the films freed up deposits of positive energy and a spontaneous discussion followed the screening. Many people took the opportunity to voice their concerns and opinions about the position of the cycling community in Manchester.  The evening ended with a prize raffle, cake and coffee. In hindsight,it  was a big success. Not only was there a big turnout (some saying aroung 80 people) but it seemed that most shared our enjoyment of the great atmosphere at Pop Up Bikes that night. We learnt that we can do something together that it can feel great and make a difference, help people come together and do fun things while promoting cycling. Hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did and that like us you’re looking forward to future such events.

Many thanks for all of you that showed up and of course to our great hosts at Pop Up Bikes without whom this would not be possible.

There’s been many people asking me to post the playlist from the film night. So here goes.












I’m really curious what your thoughts are about the event. Which was your favourite film? Which one inspired you the most?

Please leave your comments below.