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believe that the current economic system does not work for everybody.

This is not only due to how financial institutions and money work but also because of the way capital and property are distributed.

Private ownership is the foundation of any democratic society. This unalienable right protects us from the infringements on our freedom. The same rule however historically protected the assets of landowners and manufacturers who used their position to accumulate even more wealth at the expense of others. A lot has changed since the industrial revolution the distribution of wealth however, remains unequal.

Like many others before us we see this inequality as a source of countless social problems. We believe that one of the best solutions to the problem is to reverse the process. As Inequality is linked to the access to ownership and because majority of companies were founded according to a model that concentrates capital, we choose to do things differently.


Cranks Cooperative is a workers’ cooperative which means that we are all directors of the company, we make decisions by consensus and get the same pay. This business model propagates a healthy work ethic, social responsibility and gives every member the security and level of engagement that a sustainable work place requires. Thanks to employing such model we